Some Past Clientele

I’ve done award-winning work for these great past clients, and crafted campaigns for Sony Music, Bollé, Smirnoff’s, and more. I also have extensive B2B and non-profit experience, including campaigns for the financial, healthcare, and high-tech markets.

Animation & Motion

Bring the story to life through the art of animation. Nothing else can capture the attention of your audience with color, motion, and sound.


Gnat & Tina Webisodes

Chaco Trailer

Get the Bad Guys

Valiant Valencian Trailer


You’re Late

Somali Folktales Trailer

Cosmic Girls NFTs

Line Drawing

Motion Graphics & Editing

Motion Reel

Cinema Reel

Moors & Christians


With or without art direction from a creative brief this can include background scene design, character design, ideation, and storyboarding.

Illustration is my passion and I love to bring ideas to life. As an artist and producer, I consider myself a creator first and foremost, influenced by literature, culture, and music. Here are some examples of recent projects.

Character Design

Somali Folktales

Hikari Light

Ride Arrangers

Valiant Valencian


Naked as a Jaybird

Area 48



Background & Support Illustration

Somali Folktales

Easter Island Infographics

Valiant Valencian




Concept & Design

“Design is thinking made visual.” This is a famous quote by one of my favorite designers, Saul Bass. The goal of my design process is to evoke an immediate emotional response. For me, successful design is secondary to good content, or it is simply decoration.

Branding & Identity

Consumer & Corporate

Sports & Events



Denver Soap Company

Burrito Kitchens

Kobe An Restaurant


Flying Dog Brewery

Gig Posters


Imagination has always been the driving force in my life and it influences almost everything I do. Creating from imagination has always felt natural and is the easiest way for me to express myself. The idea that someone can bring something to life for others to enjoy is very powerful. When I create I immerse myself into the characters and environments, often sketching out a dynamic scene with emotion and scope. I truly love it and thrive in that environment.

As a creator, I specialize in illustration, character development, design, and animation. Currently, I am working on shorts, brand identity and marketing content, and animation projects for various international companies.

My dream is to work with a team that produces full-length feature animated films. I want to tell enjoyable stories that inspire children and adults to think differently. I’m currently fulfilling one of my dreams living on the Mediterranean in Spain.

I would really enjoy the opportunity to create for you!

What Clients Say

Eric is truly one of the best graphic designers I’ve ever known. We have worked together for two decades and he always had full trust from me to create the best design and art. Thank you for 20 years of making our vision a reality!
J. Steinhour

CCO, Sunburst Productions

You have done amazing work for Ethos Financial (A Barron Top 100 Firm) throughout many years… You are so talented at taking someone’s thought and developing it into a great marketing piece. And when a concept is needed, you deliver. Your unveiling is so you and clearly highlights the quality and creativity you bring to the table.
ML Tracy

Executive, Ethos Financial/Ameriprise

A creative genius behind the artwork for Waiting for Today. Whatever your creative/artistic/marketing needs might entail, check out his portfolio and I know you will immediately share my appreciation of his work.
S. Craig

Writer, Author of “Waiting for Today”

I hired Eric years ago to design my first collateral pieces. Since then, I’ve engaged him to do 2 websites, trade show materials, an elaborate coaching journal product and several client specific pieces. The end product is always terrific – creative, focused and very professional. We’ve even won a few Business Marketing Design awards along the way.
C. O’Keeffe

Executive Coach, What’s Your Edge

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